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3 Reasons Why TOP Is The Best Platform For Freelance Writers Right Now



In the light of recent events, the world pandemic crisis is turning working from home into a state of normalcy. Although for freelance writers that’s nothing out of the ordinary, they still might find themselves in a situation where their workload decreases and their clients start signing off.

This is where great platforms, such as The Online Publishers “TOP Platform” come into place, with their amazing services and high-quality projects that value your expertise and keep your mind at ease. Here are the three main reasons why every freelancer needs to stop wasting time trying to find clients and sign up today.

Less Time Pitching, More Time Creating

Every freelance content creator knows the pains of endless pitching and crafting the perfect ways to reach their potential clients, only to get a handful of replies. The Online Publishers “TOP Platform” does the job for you and offers your content to numerous clients in a variety of languages, making your only requirement be click, accept, and start writing. Easy-peasy. Less time and brainpower you spend catching your potential client’s attention means more time for doing what you’re passionate about: creating valuable content.

Reach a Broader Audience

The Online Publishers “TOP Platform” is known as a leader in international content placement and press release distribution, giving you and your content maximum exposure to high-quality clients who are looking for someone to elevate their appearance and spread brand awareness. With the widest range of websites, blog sites, newspapers and magazines, you can choose to post your articles to as many or as little as you want to reach a higher level of target audience, traffic and reader engagement, and make sure your content gets to the right people you’re trying to attract.

Show Off Your Language Skills

Those freelance writers fluent in more than one language will be thrilled with TOP’s online translation services which can make their expertise shine by professionally translating any content and prevent possible miscommunication and misunderstanding caused by potential poor translation. It doesn’t get better than that!

These are just three of TOP’s many, many services, that benefit both, the client, and you as a freelance content creator. With freelance jobs being the “hot thing” right now, get ahead of everyone else and join this top platform’s pool of highly-qualified professional creators.

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